Apartment Apollo 011*** is located 5 km from the main Belgrade’s railway and bus stations, and 10 km from the airport.

If you are coming by bus or by train, you can take tram number 7 to get you to the apartment. The public transportation station is located in front of the railway station and you should get off at the 10th station (not including the station where you enter) near the market called ‘Cvetkova pijaca’. From there you can follow the map (http://www.apollo011.in.rs/images/map_Apollo_011.jpg) and easily find Subotička Street.

If you are coming by plane and you do not wish to take Taxi (Always make sure that letters “TX” are written at Taxi’s license plates), take the Public Shuttle Bus that will take you to the ‘Slavija square’. From there you can take any public trolleybus (numbers 19, 21, 22, 29), that is going to the opposite direction from the city center. You should take off at 7th station after the ‘Slavija square’ (not including the station where you enter), and then you will be able to easily find our apartment using the same map.

If you decide to come from the airport by Taxi (which is by the way, in general, not very expensive) you should take vouchers at the Airport Taxi help desk.

The Apartment address is: Subotička 23/II

If you may need help, you can call us anytime at +381 63 430 294, or +381 64 1594 735.